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Jessica De Gouw at the premiere for ‘These Final Hours’ in Sydney, Australia, July 21, 2014 - x

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URL Graphic for targxryen

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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

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How many slaves are there in Yunkai?
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Calling all Brett Dalton/Grant Ward fans!


Hey guys! My sister and I are at SDCC and we’re making a poster for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel on Friday. And since Brett Dalton has taken a lot of criticism over the past few months for his character’s decisions, we wanted to make something that shows support for both him and Ward.

Now I realize not everyone is a fan of the idea of the show having a redemption arc for Ward. And of course, Ward is going to have to face the consequences of his actions. However, I think Fury, May, & Coulson sum up the conflict quite nicely:

Fury: The principle S.H.I.E.L.D. was founded upon was pure.

May: Protection.

Fury: Protection. One word. Sometimes to protect one man against himself. Other times, to protect the planet from an alien invasion from another universe…But the belief that drives us all is the same, whether it’s one man or all mankind.

Coulson: That they’re worth saving.

We’ll have a shortened version of the quote on the poster, as well as the new AoS symbol (drawn by my awesome sister).

But we’d also like to make this a group effort! If you would like your URL to be written somewhere on the poster to show your love for Brett (or Ward, or both!) either like or reblog this post and I will put it on there. We’ll be working on it tonight and tomorrow night, but I’ll also check the post the day of and carry a marker with me so the deadline is 3pm PST on Friday, which is when the panel starts. 

Thank you so much, everyone! Let’s show Brett how much we love him!

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I loved you once. You were supposed to be my wife, to bear me children with silver hair and purple eyes, to keep the blood of the dragon pure. I took care of you. I taught you who you were. I fed you. I sold our mother’s crown to keep you fed.

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